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What the Frack, Jerry Brown?!

Watch and enjoy our new video campaign starring California's top comedians, performers, and frontline leaders from the heart of California's fracking crisis as we demand to know of our governor: "What the Frack, Jerry Brown?!"

MG on Resilience.Org: Justice Isn’t Inevitable

MG collective member Ellen Choy was featured on Resilience.Org this month! She was interviewed on what resilience means, how it shows up in her own family, and how MG's work through Resilience-Based Organizing is paving the way for a just transition.

And The Winner Is…

MG is excited and honored to accept the 2015 Oakland Progressive Party Townie Award for "Eco-Warrior"! Thank you Oakland Rising and supporters for this great honor.

Gill Tract Community Farm Permaculture Action Weekend!

Strong communities are the roots of resilience! Land like the Gill Tract offers us space to not only grow food, but to come together in the commons to grow our strength and resilience. Please join us on April 25 & 26th to reconnect and reweave all the beautiful threads of our community, as we celebrate our achievements, and look to the future.