[AUDIO] Mateo Nube @ "Loving Our Earth" Symposium (with Joanna Macy)

MG collective member Mateo Nube spoke on stage with Joanna Macy, at the Starr King School for the Ministry‘s Symposium two weeks ago. A powerful 15 minutes of wisdom (do you hear the folks in the crowd yelling ‘preach!’?) – Mateo breaks down the ‘politics of home,’ and the importance of restoring human labor back into the web of life.

Here’s a short quote, and the full (15 min) audio is below. Thanks to Brooke Anderson for the recording! Video to come soon too.

“Human labor is the precious natural resource which this economy has concentrated, controlled, exploited and wielded like a chainsaw against the rest of the natural world. The only way to exploit ecosystems at the scale we are doing now, is to first concentrate and exploit human labor. To pretend that we can have an ecologically resilient world without taking on the question of social injustice is just that – to pretend. To live an illusion. If we want to abolish the damaging hierarchy we have instituted on the natural world we also have to end hierarchy in our social systems.”