Apply by February 7th: MG's 2014 Justice & Ecology Retreats Are Here!

How is ecology related to urban organizing struggles?

retreatGet an intensive overview on the state of our planet by joining MG’s retreats:

Retreat Part I: March 21-23

Retreat Part II: May 16-18

MG’s two three-day retreats take place at the  Occidental Arts and Ecology Center. The first retreat focuses on literacy and analysis of local and global ecology. The second focuses on strategy and the implications for organizing in urban communities.

retreat_creationstories“The MG retreats have changed my life – they have changed how I see myself as an actor in the world. I can no longer compartmentalize my commitments to environmental, social and, racial justice from my commitment to creating a life sustaining earth.”

-Nile Malloy
Northern California Program Director,
Communities for a Better Environment (CBE)

Target participants for MG’s Strategic Retreats are:  Folks committed to racial, economic and environmental justice efforts at the grassroots level.  Accepted applicants commit to participating in both retreats.  Retreats run all-day for the 3 consecutive days of each weekend

To request an application send an email to:

The deadline to apply is:  February 7, 2014