Anti-Nuclear Sacred Sites Peacewalk

Friday, Nov 4

Meet @ Oakland City Hall @ 9:15am
Followed by a walk to Berkeley

Since Saturday, a collective of groups have been participating in a peace walk from the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant near San Luis Obispo to Sogorea Te/Glen Cove in Vallejo. With the tragedy of Fukushima in their hearts, they are walking 15-18 miles a day looking into the safety of land and people along their route, the still-present danger of nuclear weapons, the poisonous nuclear fuel cycle and how to end the nuclear nightmare in California and worldwide.

On Friday, November 4 they will making their Berkeley to Oakland leg of the peace walk, and Movement Generation will be joining them in support.  Join us if you’re free!  Visit for more information, and call 805-234-1769 for daily info and location of the walk!

Sponsors: San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace; The Terra Foundation; Indian People Organizing for Change (IPOC) and SSP&RIT, organizers of the Shellmound Walks in the Bay Area and a successful 110 day vigil to protect the sacred site at Sogorea Te/Glen CoveNipponzan Myohoji Buddhist Order