Announcing the Creative Wildfire 2021 Selected Artists!

19 Artists, 14 Projects:

A few months ago we put out the Resist a Return to Normal Manifesto to make it clear that we aren’t going back to “normal”. Instead, we are going to collectively manifest a Just Transition into a regenerative and life affirming economy. We want the manifesto to inspire discussion and collective action.

And what better way to do that than with dynamic Arts and Cultural work?

So we made the Creative Wildfire website and put out a call to artists to create artwork that is inspired by our Resist Manifesto. The response was outstanding. We received over 125 applications for only 7 spots!

We were humbled and inspired by the many wonderful proposals we received. With so many great ideas we had to find a way to fund more artists. We turned to our funder allies and asked them for support. Thanks to the generosity of the Women’s Donor Network and the 11th Hour Project, we were able to select 19 artists representing 14 projects. That’s almost triple the number we envisioned! Thanks to everyone that has supported us.

Stay tuned for more information about the Artists showcase which is coming in November.