Action Alert! March with MG Thurs 6/20!

March with MG this Thursday:

Stop Austerity, Stop Keystone
Our Planet, Our Health!

Thursday, June 20th
Rally and march staging at Battery East,
below Golden Gate Bridge Visitor Center in SF

This Thursday, join Movement Generation, environmental and public health advocates, and unions like the National Nurses United and UNITE HERE 2850 in a march across the Golden Gate Bridge on THIS THURSDAY at 12PM in support of the Robin Hood Tax and against the Keystone XL pipeline.


The ROBIN HOOD TAX is a small tax of 1/2 of 1% on Wall Street financial transactions that would generate hundreds of billions of dollars per year for education, health care, housing, jobs, and to fight climate change.

KEYSTONE XL is a 1,700 mile pipeline to transport dirty crude oil from Canadian tar sands to refineries in Texas. It has been called “a fuse to the largest carbon bomb on the planet” by NASA climate scientist Dr. James Hansen and will also have devastating impacts on local ecosystems and communities, in addition to destroying more jobs than it will create.



National Nurses United took a stand against the Keystone pipeline in February 2013, saying “Nurses care for patients every day who struggle with health crises aggravated by environmental pollution in its many forms. As a society we need to reduce the effects of environmental factors, including climate change, that are making people sick, and endangering the future for our children. That’s why we oppose the Keystone XL pipeline.”

This past week, UNITE HERE 2850 – which represents hotel, food service, and gaming workers in the East Bay and North Bay – became the latest union speaking out against the Keystone XL Pipeline. President Wei-Ling Huber said, “Our members are working people, immigrants, and people of color – exactly the communities most affected by climate change and toxic spills. We are standing up for a world where our members and their children can have good jobs and healthy communities.”

Movement Generation is excited to support our union brothers and sisters as they oppose the false solutions of austerity cuts and extreme energy, and in advocating for local living economies that meet the needs of our communities. We’ll march together in our brand new stylish MG t-shirts! (If you don’t have one already, email us (contact info below) with your size and we’ll bring you one to purchase and wear!) Several cars will be leaving from the East Bay, so please let us know if you need a ride.

Download the flier by clicking HERE, or visit the Facebook event page HERE.
Learn more about the Robin Hood Tax at

Contact Brooke Anderson at or 510-846-0766