Healing Clinic Collective

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The Healing Clinic Collective is now an independent project fiscally sponsored by the Movement Strategy Center! For more information please visit the HCC website, or contact Carla M. Pérez at healingcliniccollective@gmail.com.

The HCC is organizing healers and grassroots, community-based leaders in the Bay Area to bring free traditional healing to especially vulnerable populations. They provide non-industrial, non-pharmaceutical healing treatment sessions to all people, including differently abled and gender non-conforming folks, who suffer from physical, mental and spiritual illnesses resulting from systemic and personal traumas/abuse and that have the least access to holistic care. Read more about the HCC here.

The Healing Clinic Collective makes healing a part of our work towards the loving, just, and livable future we need, and makes it part of the movement. By reconnecting people to ancestral wellness practices through personal healing experiences, this work is a part of keeping real Cultural Diversity alive at a time when the loss of global Cultural Diversity is threatening everyone’s future.

For more info about the Healing Clinic Collective and the healing clinics, visit the HCC website, or contact Carla Perez at carla@movementgeneration.org.