Stop the Durban Port Expansion in South Africa!


Photo credit: IDEX

Join us in supporting our friends and allies at theSouth Durban Community Environmental Alliance (SDCEA)! Help persuade the South African Government to drop the South Durban Port and Petro-Chemical Expansion for the betterment of local communities and society at large, and, if they disagree, launch divestment and financial sanctions campaigns against TransNet, Shell, BP, Engen and other companies involved.

In the port city of Durban, South Africa, petrochemical conglomerates are pushing a $25 million Dig-Out Port expansion project that will wreak untold havoc on the surrounding communities’ ecology, economy and safety. The project would also displace thousands of people from their homes. SDCEA and other environmental groups are working hard to stop the large petro-chemical and shipping corporations from moving forward with the expansion. Join us in calling for sustainable and environmentally sound alternative development that puts people over profit.

Sign this petition now to add your voice and support their call for international solidarity!

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