Towards a Just Transition in Richmond, California: Cooperation Richmond Launches!

Congratulations Cooperation Richmond for a successful launch this week! It has been our honor to work alongside such visionary, brilliant people in Richmond, CA (and beyond!) who are fighting to democratize the work place, liberate capital for the people, and build a Just Transition led by frontline communities.

Cooperation Richmond is a one-stop-shop for the incubation, education, training, mentorship and capital support required to create, convert, and continue to develop successful cooperative enterprises in Richmond that build community controlled wealth by and for low-income communities and communities of color in Richmond whose wealth has been extracted. Cooperation Richmond is playing a key role in shifting money away from our extractive economy and building the economy we want.  The loan fund and cooperative incubator is just the start of our growing movement for an economy that is rooted in justice, led by our communities and families, and balances harmony with our natural resources.  Cooperation Richmond is also a member of the Reinvest Network, committed to building a movement across multiple cities in the US that connects divestment from the extractive economy to investment in ecologically sustainable and socially just economic development in the very same communities that have been harmed by extractive investments.

Visit Cooperation Richmond’s website to learn more, and to join the movement as an investor, organizer, supporter, or cooperative worker-owner!