Jason Negron-Gonzales Radio Interview from Cochabamba | KPFK (LA)

Title: Jason Negron-Gonzales on KPFK from Cochabamba

Aired on: KPFK (Los Angeles)

Date: April 2010

Jason’s interview from Cochabamba on the People’s World Summit on Climate Change & the Rights of Mother Earth begins about 2/3 of the way through the show.

Jason puts forth a message of hope with hard analysis of the struggles of the moment.

“This is a transition that we want to make. Both for our children but even for our short to medium term issues of jobs, housing, … We want to move towards an economy that prioritizes people, not profit. That allows us to have jobs in the community that are local that prioritize health and people’s needs. Not the profit of a few…”

Listen to the interview here: