Political Home

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With the reality of the global ecological crisis, we at Movement Generation are struck by the need for our movements to be better organized to respond to rapidly changing conditions. We think there will be many more shocks—acute moments of disruption such as extreme weather events—and slides—incremental disruptions such as sea level rise that play out over longer timeframes in devastating ways, if we are not prepared. How can we prepare to harness these shocks and slides to win the shifts we need in favor of people and the planet?

One important step is getting ourselves organized.

Since 2012, MG has been incubating the concept of a  ‘Political Home’ space where we can collectively advance our understanding of the moment and what it calls for, and build community together in the process. The idea also came out of continuous requests from our retreat alumni, who have found their political home with MG, and wanted a collective organizing space to hold that home. Our hope is that this space can spark creative interventions that allow us to take advantage of opportunities to shift the political conditions in favor of community resilience and self-determination.

In 2012, we experimented with holding Political Home with a small group of alumni and other close friends. After about 6 months, we then built upon that by inviting other MG alum to the project.

Some goals of Political Home are:

  • Develop and apply our ecological justice politic, in concert with each other
  • Build trust within a group who can potentially take action together around this shared politic
  • Create trusting relationships where we support each other, and meet regularly to have a sense of sustained connection
  • Offer a creative political space, that stimulates our imaginations of what is possible
  • Build with other Political Home pods/nodes to scale up our action capacity and power in concert with other movement entities