Black Land & Liberation Initiative

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Movement Generation has been engaged in deep relationship building and dialogues with our comrades and friends of the BlackOUT Collective about long-term movement strategy on Black land and liberation. We are excited to announce the first phase of that collaborative work – the 2016-2017 Black Land and Liberation Initiative. BLLI is a 10-month rigorous vision, strategy and training program grounded in Black liberation and anchored by Black leadership, that will engage 30-35 all-Black participants. Through shared study, work, and assessment of the current conditions in the United States and around the world, we will develop bold new strategies for confronting systemic power.

Our aim is to co-create diverse and interdependent strategies that move us away from the current extractive economy which depends on the violent enclosure of land, labor, culture, power, wealth and spirit. At the heart of our analysis is the fundamental right to the resources required for Black people in the US to create their own productive, dignified and sustainable livelihoods through their own free labor and self-governance. Key among those resources is land. We endeavor to co-create strategies for transformation which are grounded in a long-term vision, guided in the resilience, culture, and creativity of ancestry, rooted in sovereignty, and which we can begin putting into place today.

The Initiative is a collaboration anchored by Movement Generation, BlackOUT Collective, and Bertha School of Activism at The Watershed Center.

The program seeks to implement experimentation and practice alongside theory. We don’t just “train” or “teach;” we build together through applied inquiry. Our strategy sessions will be focused on a combination of analysis and hard-skills.

We will root the program in exploring and understanding the following principles:

  • Black Liberation
  • Land Reform and Reparations
  • Deep Economic Democracy
  • Ecological Integrity
  • Hard Skills in Land-Based Work (including Horticulture and Afroecology)


To read more about the Black Land & Liberation Initiative (including applying for the 2016-2017 program), visit the website here.

Applications for 2016-2017 BLLI are now closed.